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HOYA Vision Care Canada Announces New Sensity 2 Light-Adaptive Lenses

HOYA Vision Care Canada Announces New Sensity 2 Light-Adaptive Lenses

HOYA Vision Care Announces New Sensity® 2 Light-Adaptive Lenses with Nearly Twice the Fadeback Speed

 Advanced lens technology offers nearly twice the fadeback speed
of its first generation
 Demand for light-adaptive lenses increases as two-thirds1
of patients now report sensitivity

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, November 15, 2021 -- Ophthalmic lens technology leader HOYA Vision Care announced today the next generation of its popular Sensity light-adaptive lenses. Two out of every three eyecare patients experience light sensitivity, making light-adaptive lenses a convenient and comfortable everyday vision solution for most patients. A significant improvement compared to the previous generation of Sensity lenses, Sensity 2 lenses offer nearly twice the fadeback speed – approximately 42 percent faster.

Building on more than five years of success with its first-generation Sensity® lenses, HOYA Vision Care has created a product that rapidly darkens to a category 3 sun lens tint, fades back nearly twice as fast to a clear lens indoors, and still offers the same comfort, convenience, and protection as the entire Sensity family – with 100% UV protection, reduced glare from the sun when activated, and blue light protection indoors and outdoors2.

Available today, Sensity 2 lenses come in three intense natural colour options: Silver Grey, Bronze Brown, and Emerald Green. They are compatible with HOYA’s Single Vision, Backside Progressives, and iD designs, as well as all of HOYA’s current antireflective treatments.

Two key technological innovations underlie the improved performance of the lenses: Stabilight Technology provides consistent performance and UV protection no matter the climate, cold or warm. Precision Technology ensures a microscopically accurate spin-coating process, creating superior adhesion for great scratch resistance.

“We are excited to bring Sensity 2 lenses to the market, offering an even faster fadeback that ECPs and their patients will greatly benefit from,” said Nick LaManna, Director of Product Management for HOYA Vision Care, North America. “Our continuous focus on improving our products has made us an industry leader in light-adaptive lens technology, and these are no exception.”

Learn more about the features and benefits of Sensity 2 and other photochromic lenses at HOYAVision.com.

Interested ECPs can ask their HOYA Territory Sales Manager for more information about Sensity 2 light-adaptive lenses.

  1. Harris Interactive Consumer Market Research Study, Global Report, Nov 2019: Usage Behavior When Outdoors
  2. Based on internal testing of average light transmission between 381nm-500nm compared to standard clear lens

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