What is Spectangle Pro?

Your patients are familiar with the eyewear measuring process. However, if you’re still using a pupillometer, sharpie, or the distometer… you’re resorting to outdated methods and missing the chance to improve accuracy and patient experience. 

Today’s patients equate technology with quality. 

Stop Dotting with Spectangle Pro

Spectangle Pro is an app-based solution used with an iPad and an EY-Stick to take position of wear (POW) measurements with a single image.

This digital measuring tool:

  • Quickly captures accurate eyewear measurements
  • Provides demos of premium lens designs, materials, and coatings
  • Allows you to take measurements with minimal human-to-human contact
  • Helps you position your practice as the premium solution for eye care

This technology gives your patients a modern, seamless, and touchless experience. 

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How to use Spectangle Pro

Download the Spectangle Pro app from the App Store.

Eye care providers can put Spectangle Pro on a stand and operate the app with a bluetooth mouse. After taking photos using the iPad and making adjustments on the screen, you’re able to enter Rx data and lifestyle preferences and immediately send the order to the lab.


Spectangle Pro includes four distinct modules.


1. The measurement module

This module works in tandem with the EY-Stick to capture advanced optical measurements using one front-facing image. Both tools in tandem take measurements of how frames sit on patient’s faces, as well as taking natural posture into account.

2. The lens selection module

This module compares different premium lens features and coatings such as progressive lenses or tints. A bank of images show examples of lenses in action allowing for a much more natural conversation around the choices your patients have.

3. The frame selection module 

This module makes it easy for patients to easily compare different frames and pick the one they prefer. Images can be easily pulled and sent directly to the patient in case they need time to think before making a decision.

4. The augmented reality module 

This module allows patients to take certain lens features for a test ride around your office or pre-built environments. Taking the lens selection process one step further and wowing them along the way.

Each Spectangle Pro module works seamlessly together as a part of the eyewear selection process. When your patients experience high-quality technology like this and receive detailed measurements quickly, they’ll make decisions faster and commit to your practice long term.

How to Add Value Through Technology 

Improve patient experience

With a speedy, accurate, and high-tech measurement process, you’re able to get your patients in and out with what they need to see at their best. This creates a seamless patient journey, and all it takes is implementing the right technology. They see better, and you see more on the bottom line for your practice.  

Using technology to remain competitive in the market 

As an independent practice, you have the advantage when it comes to creating value for your customers.  If you can show your value with up-to-date technology in the fitting process, and then follow it up with top-of-the line lenses, your patients will know they are getting the best value from your practice. 

In a day and age where overhead costs can be high and patients have so many options, you can leverage your strength in technology to differentiate yourself in the market. If you don’t, your customers will turn to your competitors who deliver an experience based on technology.

Even if you have the best lenses, it won’t matter if you’re still using low-quality methods. Treat your lenses and your patients to an experience worthy of the 21st century, and they’ll remember you for it, above others.There is a place for technology in several parts of your practice. Learn how to create your practice’s technological brand.

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How to implement Spectangle Pro  

Spectangle Pro is easy to learn, and with the right amount of practice, it’ll become second nature to you and your team. 

Encourage your staff to dedicate the time to practice with each other. You’ll see the returns quickly. How do you do that? Dr. David Anderson told us how he was able to encourage the implementation of Spectangle Pro:

“What we did then and similarly with Spectangle Pro and anything new we implement, is we really convey the ‘why’ to the staff. It is so important for them to understand the purpose of the change. We discussed the challenges faced and the reasons patients give for walking out with only their prescription.

Everyone felt like they were getting burned on, ‘It’s cheaper elsewhere.’ I told them, well there is a difference at other places; they do it the old cheap way. We discussed the need to keep up with technology. Just as people get rid of old phones to buy new ones, the reason is the technology is better, and that’s what people want. Therefore, we need to try new tools, be more accurate and show patients why the way we do things, the new high-tech way, is worth it.”
– Dr. David Anderson, a partner at Miamisburg Vision Care in Miamisburg, OH

Grow your practice with technology 

New tools, like Spectangle Pro, that create a more fluid and unique patient experience can help grow your practice by drawing in more people and generating word-of-mouth. Not to mention, it makes your life easier as an ECP and can be a fun experience for patients too.

We actually charge patients for the measurements. And at first, the staff was hesitant to charge extra. We went back to the ‘why’ we’re doing this and that is: high-tech lenses only work with proper measurements. It is the same as your smartphone, it only works with the latest software updates.

It turned out the feedback was not about cost; it was on the ‘wow’ around how the glasses were being fitted. The $10 for measurements as a component of the refraction gave us an opportunity to marry the refraction to the frame and the fitting. Now there is a strong bond between the patient experience with the optometrist and the patient experience with the optician. Plus, our patients liked the photos. The image with the EY-Stick is fun to send to family and friends to help with the glasses selection.”
– Dr. David Anderson, a partner at Miamisburg Vision Care in Miamisburg, OH

Read the full interview with Dr. David Anderson, here.

For your reference, download the Spectangle Pro one-pager. 

Download the One-Pager