PRESS RELEASE: Hoya Launches New Anti-Reflective Treatment Super HiVision EX3+

Complete UV Protection Added to Meet Patient Expectations

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (May 18, 2020) Ophthalmic lens technology leader and ALLY of the ECP, HOYA Vision Care, announced today the U.S. launch of Super HiVision EX3+ anti-reflective treatment. The new lens treatment offers the same industry leading scratch resistance, durability, and long-term cleanability that eye care providers and patients have come to expect – now with complete back-side UV protection.

“From our recent consumer study, we learned that patients have an expectation that UV protection is a part of their AR treatment,” said Nick LaManna, Global Lens Product Manager for HOYA Vision Care, North America. He continued, “Meeting this need helps protect the sensitive skin around the eye and the lids. Eye care providers will be able to take advantage of the additional revenue some managed vision care providers offer for back-side UV as well. In addition, we validated that all of the durability and cleanability properties our customers have come to expect from a HOYA AR treatment are still industry leading.”

As Ally of the ECP, Hoya Vision Care conducted patient studies in both Europe and the U.S.  The goal was to determine patient expectations and how ECPs can best meet or exceed them. Key findings from the study include:

  • 6 in 10 people expect UV protection from AR*
  • 6 in 10 people are annoyed by constant lens cleaning*
  • 7 in 10 people are irritated by reflections on their lenses*

Since HOYA does not sell lenses directly to patients, this research is done solely for the benefit of our customers. The insights learned are broken down and packaged so they are easily implemented at the practice to patient level. A white paper titled, “The Evolution of ‘Anti-Reflective’ Treatments – A Bundle of Features and Benefits that Contribute to Your Patients’ Best Vision Solutions” offers customers a complete guide to AR treatments, our research findings, as well as insights into how to best influence patients.

Super HiVision EX3+ will have the same materials and designs availability as Super HiVision EX3, and it will be an option through major vision plans.

The launch of Super HiVision EX3+ includes a suite of practice and patient success tools including:

  • Free continuing education course available via 20/20 Magazine and our elearning portal Empower U
  • Training from local Hoya Territory Sales Managers
  • White paper, sales aid, patient-facing infographic, scripting and incentives
  • Dispensing mat, patient brochure, lens displays, videos, window clings and our new frame board clings

For additional information, training and tools please contact your local Hoya Territory Sales Manager.

* Independent research study amongst ECPs & consumers from seven countries. Data on file Hoya Vision Care 2019.

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