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How to Take the Best Selfies While Wearing Glasses

Taking a great selfie is more than just holding your camera phone slightly above your head. 

How to Take the Best Selfies While Wearing Glasses

My online research shows that 93 million selfies are posted onto social media every single day. If this statistic wasn’t fascinating enough, each selfie takes on average seven minutes to capture and millennials are expected to take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. This is enough to raise eyebrows and suggests we start perfecting our selfie shots. This is important for us all, especially for non-millennials because we could spend more time enjoying life and less time trying to capture a great selfie.

How many times have you stood smiling either alone, or with friends, taking a selfie and then having to repeat and repeat until you capture the best one? The best shot is worth it in the end. But how long did it take?

Could this be you? You’re on vacation, at your bucket list location you've always wanted to visit and in perfect lighting conditions. You take your selfie.  But then glare and smudge from your eyeglasses ruins your perfect bucket list photo of yourself, #SelfieProblems. Where to begin? This is a 21st century problem, a great photo yet ruined by glare or dirty lenses. 

Photography and Eyeglasses

Ever since photography was invented, people wearing glasses have experienced similar feelings to present day selfie situations. Many years ago, people were often asked to take their glasses off for photos. Old black and white photos often feature people not wearing glasses, as they’ve been asked to remove their spectacles. Glasses which are part of one's identity. When I think about how happy, relaxed and fashionable eyeglass wearers are today, I know we have come a long way.

This leads me to today. You can take amazing selfies, sharing with friends and family the story of your world, which preferably does involve you looking great in your eyeglasses!

But how does one take the best selfie wearing glasses? And how can you avoid glare in your eyeglasses?  

Become a selfie star. I have compiled a checklist guide on how to take the best selfies with eyeglasses on.

Download the guide!

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