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8 vision issues while driving; 1 intriguing solution

We’ve all been there. It’s late afternoon. You’re driving home from work. You turn the corner and, WHAM!! The sun suddenly blinds you. The road you’re on aligns perfectly with the setting sun and the glare is overwhelming. This is just one of eight issues that drivers agree hinder their ability to see well. What can be done? New eyewear lens technology is being developed that can help, and interest is high.

8 vision issues while driving; 1 intriguing solution

More than 1,000 drivers from Germany, Spain and the UK were surveyed for a new market research study conducted by Elke Dobisch Marketforschung, Munich, Germany. Each was asked what they considered to be the most common causes of vision impairment experienced while driving.

50%+ of the respondents claim these eight issues are top of mind (in order of importance):

  1. Glare from the sun
  2. Glare from oncoming cars
  3. Irritation by reflections on wet roads
  4. General sight problems at night
  5. Irritation by following cars
  6. Eye fatigue
  7. Glare from traffic lights, signposts, etc.
  8. Sign posts seen too late

What’s striking is the high percentage of those who accept these problems and do not see any remedies. In fact, more than 40% report that they have never spoken to others (including eye care professionals) about their vision problems experienced when driving.

How can technology help?

When respondents were told that specially designed eyewear lenses are available to assist, there was considerable interest. Women, glasses wearers/contact lens wearers, as well as frequent drivers were most excited. They expect more safety and visual comfort.

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