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In our current lexicon of overusing extreme adjectives like “epic” or adding “-magedon” to an event, like three inches of snow, it becomes difficult to figure … Read more
 Are you asking the right questions about screen time with your patients? What about symptoms related to Digital Eye Strain? Read more
Are your customers buying specwear online instead of visiting you? Do they use your shop for browsing products but take their business elsewhere? It is … Read more
If you work as an independent eye care professional it is assumed that the growing population, in combination with an ageing population, is expected to drive … Read more
Control. Freedom. Some people like one or the other. Some like a little of both. There are downsides to both, depending on one’s perspective. In my thirty … Read more
The question may seem a little bit far-fetched. What does automobile traffic have to do with your practice? Well, you have already guessed that the common … Read more

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