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Adjusting to Digital Lenses: Day Two

Adjusting to Digital Lenses: Day Two

Continued from the previous article: Adjusting to Digital Lenses: Day One

I’m now on my first full day wearing my digital lenses, and it’s been an interesting experience. Adjusting to new lenses always takes a little time, and there have been a lot of positives and some hurdles. 

The Hurdles

There have only been two major hurdles while adjusting to my new lenses. The change in perspective from the slight magnification has meant I’ve had to be a little more mindful of my steps when walking up or down stairs. There were moments where I felt unsteady about my steps because I felt the perspective was different from what I was used to. I was warned that this is something that can happen during the adjustment period of digital lenses. I will keep you all updated on how this continues to change. 

The other major hurdle: I am prone to car sickness when I read in a car. I took an Uber on my way to dinner and noticed my nausea was a little stronger than usual when reading and writing on my phone. While I didn’t feel the best, it could have also been the driver’s braking style, it may have been my history of car sickness, or it could have been more visual adjustment than I was used to. Maybe even a combination of all. 

So those are the hurdles I’m facing on my first full day of the adjustment. Now, let’s get to the positives. 

The Positives of Adjusting to Digital Lenses

While I saw well in my contacts and old glasses, in my new eyewear, my keyboard looks a little larger and emails a little clearer. While working on my computer, my eyes didn’t become tired or teary. Everything I did was tastefully magnified, instead of tiny and strained (In my earlier article, I mentioned that I have a strong prescription as I cannot see far, and it’s combined with astigmatism). 

Computer lenses at a work station image

After a good day of work in front of a computer screen, I checked my eyes in the mirror at home after my dinner, and they weren’t red. This felt exciting and was definitely very positive! The reason I got these digital lenses was to avoid the feeling of fatigued and teary eyes. I did not expect that my eyes would look a lot less red at the end of a long day. So far, the results look good, but it’s been too short a time to know how they’ll make me feel in the long run. 

I’ll have more updates on how I feel at the end of a week, long days, and the difference I feel overall soon. 

Day Two of Digital Lenses: Definitely Liking It! 

To sum up, I only had a couple of minor side effects of the prescription change. I expect one to hopefully pass fairly quickly, as that’s more of an adjustment effect. The other was when I was on the move, mainly in the car when someone else was driving. It could have been the driver’s bad braking, the new prescription, or a combo of both.

Based on what I’ve experienced, I would advise:

Don’t expect superpowers from your new digital lenses. The improved view of your cell phone doesn’t mean you will suddenly cure yourself of carsickness. If you get sick on the move, this is likely still going to happen. 

I believe you will see a difference in a day. The relief from my first full day using my new prescription was nice. My eyes were less red — this made an impact on my evening, and I’m looking forward to what it does to relieve my teary eyes at work and my dry eyes at the end of an evening. 

I will definitely continue to use these as my primary pair when at the office or working. I like what I see so far a better view of my screen and keyboard, and clear eyes at the end of the day. I also really appreciate that my eyes are not so red and that they do not feel dry in the evening.  

Exciting times ahead wearing these new specs.

You can read more about the lenses here:

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