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Adjusting to Digital Lenses: Month One

Adjusting to Digital Lenses: Month One

Continued from the previous article: Adjusting to Digital Lenses: Day Two

It’s now been a little over a month since I started using Sync III lenses, and I can say that I have adapted to them. I don’t even think about the differences anymore; they are just part of my work routine. In fact, now that these are my work pair, it’s made me want something more stylish with the same features for non-work settings.

Cynthia Wearing Sync III Lenses

A Vacation from Adaption

Since my last post a couple of days into my transition, I also took a vacation where I didn’t wear my computer lenses for almost two weeks. I wasn’t focusing on near objects constantly, so I switched back to my standard single vision lenses. 

I noticed I didn’t have any problem going back to the standard pair. However, after my vacation, I did feel a few of the adjusting symptoms again, a little dizzy in a car, and taking stairs felt odd again. There was a minor re-adjustment period this time, but it will be interesting to see if I experience the same thing after taking a break in a year’s time. 

A Change in Accommodation (Focus)

One change I was not expecting is that after wearing my digital lenses, it became harder to focus on my phone when I wasn’t wearing them. I took this to one of our in-house optical professionals, and they weren’t surprised. Sync III lenses allow our eyes to relax because they don’t have to try so hard to focus on near objects like our phones or a computer screen. Once our eyes get used to the extra support, it can take a while for them to adjust back.

While this might seem like a down-side, it is actually a good indicator that the lenses are working. My eyes are getting the support they desperately needed, and they are no longer strained to work overtime. I am officially a digital lens wearer and eventual progressive wearer for life now, I love the support.

Living Free of Redness

Over the last few weeks, my eyes have stayed clear, and my tension headaches have gotten better. One new benefit I’ve noticed, in the evenings when I wear my contacts my eyes aren’t nearly as dry. Because I’m wearing my office glasses during the day my eyes stay healthier longer! It has been a welcome change.

In the month of adjustment, I was most surprised by the fact my eyes have stayed clear. I am used to having red, bloodshot eyes after a long day of work. I always thought that’s just how I was. That some combination of having large eyes with exposed sclera (the white area of our eyes), computer screens, and fate all contributed to my red eyes. Now I know they needed more support to stay healthy. 

After a Month

I can say with confidence that the adjustment period is well worth the benefits of a great pair of computer lenses. I am using the base pair of Sync III lenses, which provide the lowest level of accommodative support, called Sync III-5. Strong pairs of Sync III lenses take more time to adjust to, similar to progressive lenses. This is worth knowing, but even with a longer adjustment period, the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

I am extremely happy with my computer lenses and think everyone who works extensively in front of a screen needs to consider a pair to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable.

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