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Thoughts, tips and facts about lenses

You should take care of your eyes and get your eyesight tested regularly. Between regular check-ups you should be aware of any changes to your sight. Read more
You have seen it before. All the seducing offers. "Buy the frames and get the prescription lens for free". "Buy one and get one for free". "Now 50% off". It … Read more
Close your eyes for a minute. Make yourself a cup of coffee with your eyes still closed. Or, send an email to a friend. It's not until you can’t see you really … Read more
Sometimes we tend to forget how much we depend on our vision. Close your eyes for a few minutes and try to to do what you were just doing... There are good … Read more
It all starts with your prescription. It will tell you what type of lens you need but there are still many choices to be made by you. This is a short overview … Read more

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