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You’ll want to hang it on your shop wall as a contemporary design element. However, this sleek mirror is more than … Читать больше
There are nearly 1 billion people globally with near-vision impairment and it is estimated that 1 in 5 children wear … Читать больше
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More and more professional organizations these days are weighing the pros and cons of calling or texting their … Читать больше
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Time and resources are limited at most eye care practices. Here are four administrative tasks you can automate to help … Читать больше
Patients have more ways to purchase lenses than ever before. Here are 3 ways you can keep them from purchasing lenses … Читать больше
As an optician, your demands on your suppliers start with your customers’ demands on you. Good products and low prices … Читать больше
Engaged employees are loyal employees in your eye care practice, which helps set yourself up for employee retention, … Читать больше

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You should take care of your eyes. Get your eyesight tested at least every second year. Maybe even more often the older … Читать больше
Hyperopia is a vision problem which is commonly known as farsightedness or longsightedness. It causes nearby objects to … Читать больше
Presbyopia is a vision problem which is commonly known as farsightedness or long-sightedness. It causes nearby objects … Читать больше
You have seen it before. All the seducing offers.” Buy the frames and get the prescription lens for free”. “Buy one and … Читать больше
This is called nearsightedness or shortsightedness. It means that you can see objects close by very clearly but objects … Читать больше
Close your eyes for a minute. Go get a cup of coffee with your eyes still closed. Or, send an email to a friend. It is … Читать больше
There are eye conditions which can affect almost anyone, such as refractive errors, digital eye strain or having dry … Читать больше
We’ve all been there. It’s late afternoon. You’re driving home from work. You turn the corner and, WHAM!! The sun … Читать больше
It all starts with your prescription. It will tell you what type of lens you need. But there are still many choices to … Читать больше
There are many types of lens treatments and they always come with a cost. Why should you pay for something that may or … Читать больше