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Recently, Hoya published its peer-reviewed article based on its clinical research about the effect of lenses for … Читать больше
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More and more professional organizations these days are weighing the pros and cons of calling or texting their … Читать больше
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Taking a great selfie is more than just holding your camera phone slightly above your head. Читать больше
You should take care of your eyes. Get your eyesight tested at least every second year. Maybe even more often the older … Читать больше
Hyperopia is a vision problem which is commonly known as farsightedness or longsightedness. It causes nearby objects to … Читать больше
Presbyopia is a vision problem which is commonly known as farsightedness or long-sightedness. It causes nearby objects … Читать больше
You have seen it before. All the seducing offers.” Buy the frames and get the prescription lens for free”. “Buy one and … Читать больше